Scott’s chest hurt.

Well, and his hands, and arms, and legs, but— That’s less concerning, generally. It was also pretty normal, at this point. Y’know, with the decay and all.

Scott didn’t know why his chest hurt. It didn’t hurt a lot. Just a low, dull ache. Logically, it was probably just either anxiety or the decay again, but. Still. The chest tends to be one of the more worrying areas to be in pain, especially for no apparent reason.

Though, it’s not like his heart was really doing anything at this point anyway. He kept forgetting to breathe now, and was pretty close to just giving up on the whole breathing thing; it didn’t really seem to matter. And the heart didn’t have much use without breath to fuel it. So, really, if he had like a heart attack right now or something, it probably wouldn’t matter. He was already at least mostly dead, he’d probably just become fully undead if he got any more dead. If he wasn’t already.

It’s kind of unclear where the line is between “mostly dead” and “undead”, actually, at least if the source of your death is because you got really into necromancy and it did what it will. Is it based on, like, if your body works correctly, or just if it works at all? ‘Cause it works. It does what Scott needs it to. It definitely isn’t working correctly, but it’s working. So what if he doesn’t need to breathe, or sleep, or if he’s rotting from the inside out and it hurts but it doesn’t hurt as much as it should, at least not anymore, he doesn’t feel as much pain as he’s supposed to—

Well. That’s fine. The lack of pain is fine. He doesn’t need to feel his body constantly ache as it decays from the inside out. There’s no point, it’s not like he can do anything about it.

And he’d notice actual injuries. He’s pretty sure he’d notice them. He’s not unobservant. He’d notice them.


…Oh, speaking of…

Scott pulled of the glove on his left hand and pulled his sleeve up a ways. The skin on his arms had been blackening for a while now, and he liked to track it as it spread up his arms.

Yep, bit further now. Great. Okay. Enough of that.

There isn’t really much point in hiding it. It’s just kind of… Unsettling. Which fits his aesthetic, to be fair. He just feels kinda weird about admitting how dead he is? Like, that’s too much emotional vulnerability, and Scott isn’t really about that. He hasn’t even told Cleo, even though they’d probably, like, get it. He still doesn’t really know them all that well, though.

Ugh. He needs to get back to work. Pick berries or something. He already drove himself to death trying to bring him back, it’s too late to back down now; it’s not pointless; if he can win the competition he’ll be able to. Just keep moving.

His chest still hurts.